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ChLinkedIn logoristine Poremski Rodrigues, MBA, is an experienced planner, facilitator and trainer who brings a passion for persuasive communications and behavior change to her work. With experience in strategic planning, program development, marketing and training, Christine brings a thoughtful, organized approach to everything she does.


Lee SquareLee Rodrigues, MA, is a performance improvement designer who has LinkedIn logoexperience in instructional design, facilitation, and video production, as well as The Five Moments of Need® performance support framework.




Focus – When you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can hold your focus on it long enough to spark a fire.

Strategy – Taking a thoughtful, coordinated approach is the key to breaking through, especially in a competitive marketplace or during a time of transition.

Efficiency – Focusing only on proven strategic activities frees up mental “white space” to see opportunities and help avoid burnout.

Growth – Focusing on learning and personal and organizational growth is essential to building meaningful connections and identifying fresh opportunities.

Compassion – Processing negative emotions and being kind (rather than harsh and critical) to yourself in the face of uncertainty and stress not only helps you feel better, but also improves performance.

Patience – While professionals are often under pressure to produce quick results, allowing time to develop and execute effective strategies is what what yields the best and most long-lasting results.